Martha Pardavi-Horvath, Emeritus Faculty

Office: Room 101 Tompkins Hall
Phone: 202 994-0418
Fax: 202 994-0187


M.Sc. Physics 1967, Moscow State University
Ph.D. Physics 1985, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


What happens when things are getting smaller and faster? Nanomagnetism. Patterned 2D nanoarrays. Magnetic nanocomposites. High frequency nonlinear phenomena. Static and dynamic losses of magnetic devices. Microwave electromagnetic fields and waves; magnetics. Numerical modeling of magnetic phenomena. Magnetic information storage

Selected Professional Activities

  • Published: over 180 refereed articles in scientific periodicals; over 250 conference presentations; about 80 invited lectures; author and co-editor of 20 research reports, co-author of several books.
  • Editorial Board member: Appl. Phys. Letters, J. Appl. Phys., J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, IEEE Trans. Magnetics; J. Spintronics and Magnetic Nanomaterials, IEEE Magnetics Letter, Symmetry: Culture and Science , Magnetics Soc. Newsletter (editor), 46th MMM Editor
  • Member: IEEE, Magnetic Society, AdComm member; Educational Comm., Publication Comm.; IEEE, Sensors Council, former VP; Int. Soc. Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry, American Regional Secretary; International Symmetry Association, board member; American Physical Society, GMAG, Forum on Education, Forum on International Physics, Sigma Xi; ASEE; AAAS; Roland Eotvos Physical Society, Hungary.

Selected Publications

  • G. S. Makeeva, O. A. Golovanov, A. B. Rinkevich and M. Pardavi-Horvath: "Propagation of electromagnetic waves in 3D opal-based magnetic nanocomposites at microwave frequencies", 19th Int. Symp. "Nanostructures: Physics and Technology" IRMW.09p , Ekaterinburg, Russia, June 20-25, 2011, 2011 Ioffe Institute
  • M. Pardavi-Horvath, B.G. Ng, F. J. Castano, H.S. Korner, C. Garcia, C.A. Ross, "Angular dependence of ferromagnetic resonance and magnetization configuration of thin film permalloy nanoellipse arrays", J. Appl. Phys.,110, 053921, 2011
  • M. Pardavi-Horvath, G. S. Makeeva, and O. A. Golovanov, "Spin-wave resonances affected by skin-effect in conducting magnetic nanowire arrays at THz frequencies", IEEE Trans. MAG., 47, 313-316, 2011
  • M. Pardavi-Horvath, G. S. Makeeva and O. A. Golovanov, "Interactions of Electromagnetic Waves with 3D Opal-Based Magnetophotonic Crystals at Microwave Frequencies", IEEE Trans. MAG, 47, 341-344, 2011
  • Elena V. Tartakovskaya; Martha Pardavi-Horvath, and Manuel Vazquez, "Configurational Spin Reorientation Phase Transition in Magnetic Nanowire Arrays", J. Magn. Magn. Mater., 322, 743-747, 2009.
  • Galina S. Makeeva, Oleg A. Golovanov, and Martha Pardavi-Horvath, "Tuning of the Scattering Parameters of Magnetic Nanowire Arrays Near Antiresonance at Photonic Frequencies", IEEE Trans. MAG, 2009, 45, 4074-4076, 2009.
  • M. Pardavi-Horvath , G. S. Makeeva, and O. A. Golovanov: "Electrodynamic Model for Low Loss Microwave Nanocomposite Magnets Using Autonomous Blocks with Floquet Channels", J. Appl. Phys., 105, 07C104, 2009.
  • M. Pardavi-Horvath, G. S. Makeeva, and O. A. Golovanov, "Nonlinear phenomena in magnetic nanoparticle systems at microwave frequencies", IEEE Trans. MAG;44, 3067-3070, 2008
  • Pardavi-Horvath, P. E. Si, M. Vazquez, W. O. Rosa, and G. Badini: "Interaction Effects in Permalloy Nanowire Systems" , J. Appl. Phys., 103, 07D517, 2008
  • Pardavi-Horvath, P. E. Si1, C.A. Ross, F. J. Castano , B. Ng, and S. Moralejo: " Configurational Stability of Patterned Magnetic Nanosystems" J. Appl. Phys., 103, 07D516, 2008.