About Us

About Us

Faculty and students in GW's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) work together to explore solutions that will help: develop photonic computing; create state-of-the-art advances in high-performance computing; improve the reliability of cloud computing; create better sensors to detect harmful biological and chemical agents; create and develop energy-efficient and environmentally friendly magnetic refrigeration systems, among many other efforts. An introduction to the department is available on the ECE Quick Facts page.

Our Programs

The ECE Department offers bachelor of science degree programs in computer engineering and electrical engineering. Students may also choose from a number of options with each degree. Graduate students may pursue master of science or doctor of philosophy degrees in computer engineering or electrical engineering. The department also offers a master of science degree program in telecommunications engineering, as well as professional degree programs and graduate certificate programs.

Our Research

ECE faculty and students conduct research programs across a wide array of topics in: communications and networks; computer architecture and high-performance computing; electric power and energy; electromagnetics, radiation systems, and microwave engineering; MEMS/NEMS, electronics, and photonics; and signal and image processing, systems, and controls. Visit our research pages to learn more about our research programs and current projects.