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Professor Gina adam and researcher in lab

Next-Generation Electronic and Photonic Chips

The multiple uses of the GW Nanofabrication and Imaging Center for Professors Gina Adam, Mona Zaghloul, and Volker Sorger.

payman dehghanian

Professor Dehghanian on Risks to Nation's Grid Highlighted by Fight Over Role of Tree-Trimming in Austin Ice Outages

Dr. Payman Dehghanian was quoted in a recent article by The Hill about how the role of tree-trimming in Austin ice outages highlights risks to the nation’s grid.

IEEE advancing technology for humanity

Dr. Korman Steps Into New Role at IEEE

Congratulations to Professor Can Korman on being selected as Associate Editor for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ (IEEE) Transactions on Magnetics Journal!


GW to Advance Next Generation Chip Technologies as Part of $32.7M Center

Volker Sorger, head of the Devices & Intelligent Systems Group and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at GW, will lead one of four themes within the center.

Gina Adam interview still

Advancing Emerging Microchip Technologies in the U.S.

Professor Gina Adam leads a team working to develop new semiconductor prototypes for microchip innovation.

ECE’s David Nagel Takes Part in Two Major Energy Meetings

The Solid-State Energy Summit and the 24th International Conference on Cold Fusion

Professor Gina adam and researcher in lab

Unleashing Innovation in the Semiconductor and Nanotechnology industries

Dr. Gina Adam, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at GWU, is contributing as a research partner to develop a nanotechnology accelerator platform.

Payman Deghanian

Professor Payman Dehghanian awarded a major NSF contract

Congratulation to Professor Payman Dehghanian for being awarded a major NSF contract for his project, "Collaborative Research: NNA Research: Foundations for Improving Resilience in the Energy Sector...

Volker J. Sorger named a 'Fellow' rank of 3 internationally-known professional societies

Volker J. Sorger, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Director of the Institute on Photonics & AI, was recently named a 'Fellow' rank of 3 internationally-known professional...