Dr. Louri named GW's 2021 Distinguished Researcher

May 24, 2021

Image of Dr. LouriThe George Washington University’s Office of the Vice President for Research has selected Dr. Louri to receive the university’s 202 Distinguished Researcher Award. The award is given annually to one GW faculty member. Nominees for the award are considered based on their research and scholarship merit, impact on the field and productivity.

Dr. Louri is a renowned scholar who is internationally known for his research contributions in the broad field of computer architecture design, spanning a number of areas such as parallel

processing and high-performance computing, interconnection networks for parallel architectures, multicore architectures, network-on-chips, energy-efficient computing systems, fault-tolerant parallel architectures, optical interconnects and wireless interconnects for scalable parallel architectures and multicore chips, machine learning applications and architectures, and approximate computing.

He is considered by many as one of the pioneers in cross-disciplinary research, who introduced optical systems to the computer architecture and parallel processing communities. He has introduced many novel architectures that take advantage of the unique properties of emerging technologies, such as optical and wireless interconnects to extend the performance and reliability of parallel computing systems beyond Moore's Law.

Dr. Louri previously was named an IEEE Fellow for his outstanding contributions to the multi-disciplinary work on extending the performance and scalability of parallel computing systems using optical technology. The recognition of Fellow is provided by the IEEE to no more than 0.1% of IEEE members in a given year.

Dr. Louri joined the GW faculty in 2015 as the David and Marilyn Karlgaard Endowed Chair in ECE after a 27-year distinguished career at the University of Arizona.