Dr. Louri receives NSF grant to develop neural network accelerators with vast speed improvement over existing accelerators

September 10, 2019

Dr. Ahmed Louri and his research collaborators at Ohio University have been awarded a three-year, $1.1 million National Science Foundation grant for the project “Neural Network Accelerators for Machine Learning.” Dr. Louri is the principal investigator on the grant, and his share of the award is $600,000. The overarching goal of this research is to design highly parallel and energy-efficient neural network accelerators that can achieve 100x speed improvement over current state-of-the-art for a wide range of machine learning applications requiring large data sets, including finance, health, defense, and transportation, among several others. Apart from the technological, industrial, and intellectual impacts that could translate into benefits for society, the research also aims to have a major impact on education by integrating discovery with teaching and training.