ECE Students Win at the SEAS 2017 R&D Showcase

Maotong Xu
February 27, 2017

This year, three separate competitions were held throughout the day: The R&D Showcase, the Entrepreneurship Prize competition, and the new SEAS Innovation Challenge.  SEAS Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies organized the event with strong support from SEAS staff.   Students presented their posters, research, and innovations and vied for $54,000 in prize money.

ECE Student 2017 SEAS Student R&D Showcase Winners

  • Best Theoretical Poster - 2nd Place ($4,000) - Jingxin Wu & Maotong Xu, ECE graduate student for “Routing, fiber, band, and spectrum assignment (RFBSA) for multi-granular elastic optical networks” mentored by Prof. Suresh Subramaniam
  • Runner-Up ($1,000) Engin Kayraklioglu, ECE graduate student (experimental) for “Mitigating communication costs in emerging parallel programming languages” mentored by Prof. Tarek El-Ghazawi

ECE Student Entrepreneurship Prize Competition Winners

  • Shuai Sun, ECE graduate student for “Hybrid photonic plasmonic interconnects (HyPPI)” mentored by Prof. Volker Sorger and Prof. Tarek El-Ghazawi (Prize $2,000)
  • Zhehan Yi, ECE graduate student for “A centralized power management system (PMS) for grid-connected photovoltaic-battery distributed generation systems” mentored by Prof. Amir Etemadi (Prize $2,000)

For information on the SEAS R&D Showcase visit SEAS’ website.