[email protected] PhD Recruiting

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is looking for motivated PhD students to join us and work on the forefront of cutting-edge research in various exciting ECE areas. Our [email protected] PhD Recruiting Guide (PDF) highlights the many interesting research projects on which we currently work.

Graduate Research Assistantships are available for Ph.D. students interested in the these research projects: 

  1. PhD students in computer architecture design including energy-efficient architectures, fault-tolerant multicore architectures, scalable accelerator-rich reconfigurable heterogeneous architectures, computing models related to machine learning (e.g., CNNs and DNNs), network-on-chips (NoCs), and cloud-computing; Postdocs in computer architecture, with emphasis on the design of scalable, power-efficient, and reliable NoCs for multi-core.

    Contact: Dr. Ahmed LouriHPCAT Lab Website
  2. PhD students in (a) Cyber security focusing on software systems, communication protocols, IoT security, and the use of deep learning for cyber security. (b) Network optimization, video streaming and caching, cloud/fog computing.

    Contact: Dr. Tian Lan
  3. PhD students in operating system, algorithm (big data, graph, machine learning), architecture (GPU, non-volatile memory) 

    Contact: Dr. Howie Huang
  4. PhD students in computer engineering to investigate mechanisms to improve energy efficiency in data centers through a holistic under-standing of datacenter servers/networks, and by leveraging the power optimizing features.

    Contact: Dr. Guru Venkataramani
  5. PhD students/Postdocs in High-Performance Computing and Data Analytics Systems; and PhD students/postdocs in Processor Architectures [Neuromorphic, Memristors, Nanophotonic and Reconfigurable].

    Contact: Dr. Tarek El-Ghazawi
  6. PhD students in Reliability/Resilience Modeling and Assessment of Electric Power Systems, Critical Infrastructures,  Cyber-Physical Systems; Advanced Data Analytics in Smart Electricity Grids; Synchrophasor and Applications in Power Systems.

    Contact: Dr. Payman Dehghanian
  7. PhD students/Postdocs in nanophotonics, plasmonics, optical information processing, and neuromorphic computing.

    Contact: Dr. Volker Sorger
  8. PhD students/Postdocs in optical networking for long-haul transport and datacenters. 

    Contact: Dr. Suresh Subramaniam
  9. PhD students in Nano Sensors, MEMS/NEMS, and Bio and Chemical Nano Sensors. 

    Contact: Dr. M.E. Zaghloul