New ECE Course Announcement

November 18, 2016

Professor Ahmed Louri will be teaching a new course titled: ECE 6045 Design of interconnection Networks for Parallel Computer Architectures for spring 2017.  This is regular 3-unit  ECE course.

The course will explore the architecture and design of interconnection networks for multiple domains (multicores, multiprocessors, multicomputers, and datacenters), including architecture topology, routing protocols, flow control, router design, reliability, energy efficiency, scalability, security, modeling and simulation tools, emerging technologies for interconnects (optical, wireless, RF, etc.) and emerging applications (neuromorphic, quantum, approximate computing, etc.). The course is intended to pro­vide graduate students and engineers with an in-depth understanding of the fundamental engineering and design principles of both on-chip (NoC) and off-chip interconnection networks for parallel architectures with emphasis on recent research innovations in these areas.

For more details please click on (you can also visit Prof. Louri’s website for more details