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Nanotechnology Fellows Program: Preparing Undergraduate Students for Careers in Nanotechnology

May 31, 2016
Professor Volker Sorger, Profs. Saniya LeBlanc (MAE) and Ekundayo Shittu (EMSE) are actively promoting the results of their NSF-funded, interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Fellows Program.
2016 Senior Design Projects Showcase

ECE Pelton Award Runners Up

May 13, 2016
Congratulations to the ECE students/student teams who presented their senior design projects and competed in the 2016 Pelton Award for Outstanding Senior Project competition held during graduation week.

Prof. Suresh Subramaniam was a invited participant in the NSF-sponsored US-Japan Workshop on Trustworthy Networking for Smart and Connected Communities

May 09, 2016
Workshop on Trustworthy Networking for Smart and Connected Communities held in San Francisco on March 7-8, 2016.
Energy Accounting

Per-Process Energy Accounting in Mobile Systems

May 06, 2016
This research aims to solve a longstanding, hard problem in system research: how to determine the contribution by a process to the system energy consumption when multiple processes are active.

Mohammad has been selected into the 2016 EAPSI Program for Singapore

May 03, 2016
Mohammad Tahersima has been selected by National Science Foundation to attend the Center for Disruptive Photonic Technologies at Nanyang Technological University during summer of 2016 to conduct research on emission of 2D materials.

Professor Sorger awarded the GW University Facilitating Funds

April 22, 2016
Prof. Volker Sorger was recently awarded the GW University Facilitating Funds (UFF) for his proposal entitled "Towards a Smart Contact Lens".
Sorger and Dolling

Professor Volker Sorger wins the 2016 Outstanding Young Researcher Award

April 08, 2016
Prof. Volker Sorger is an outstanding researcher, scholar, and entrepreneur who has laid solid foundations for a distinguished career. His research focuses on nanoscale opto-electronic device innovations leading to revolutionary performance in light-matter-interactions, switching and data processing.
Shahrokh Ahmadi

Professor Shahrokh Ahmadi wins the 2016 Distinguished Teacher Award

April 08, 2016
Prof. Shahrokh Ahmadi has been an exemplary educator and mentor, winning over students and peers with his complete engagement in his classes and the undergraduate student community.
Shuai Sun

ECE student Shuai Sun wins at GW Research Days

April 07, 2016
Research Days invites GW undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral students to showcase their work and compete for prize money at the 21st Annual Research Days.
R&D Showcase

ECE students win at the SEAS 2016 R&D Showcase

March 18, 2016
The School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) celebrated its 10th annual SEAS Research & Development Showcase.

Prof. Zaghloul and collaborators secure a $2 million competitive award

January 28, 2016
The award duration is for four years and titled “Ambulatory Sensor Arrays for Real-Life Monitoring of Pediatric Patients with Asthma".

Profs. El-Ghazawi, Sorger and Narayana win an AFOSR grant

November 05, 2015
The grant is titled "Dynamically Adaptive Hybrid Nanoplasmonic Network on Chips" from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research.
Ahmed Louri

Ahmed Louri installed in Karlgaard Professorship

September 14, 2015
Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering joined GW faculty in August.

Prof. Subramaniam Named IEEE Fellow

December 22, 2014

Suresh Subramaniam has been elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow (Class of 2015) for his research contributions.

Prof. El-Ghazawi Receives NIST Cooperative Agreement

September 16, 2014
Prof. Tarek El-Ghazawi has received a NIST cooperative agreement, with initial funding of $125,000 for the first year, for the project “A Scalable Heterogeneous Architecture for Big Data.”