SEAS Innovation Challenge

May 31, 2016

In fall 2016 we will kick off a new SEAS "Innovation Challenge" sponsored by a former chair of the SEAS National Advisory Council, Randy Graves, an incredible supporter of SEAS.

Click on the link below for some bio information on Dr. Graves.

The purpose of the competition is to foster innovative thinking in a multidisciplinary team environment whereby teams of 3 current SEAS undergraduate and/or graduate students compete to see which team develops and demonstrates the most innovative use of the single board Raspberry-Pi (with WiFi) computer.

This email is to give you a heads-up and time to form teams. The approximate timeline and some background information are given below.

Each team will submit a two page executive summary of their proposed Raspberry Pi innovative application at end of September 2016. An Innovation Challenge Judging Team will choose the fifteen best proposals from those submitted. The finalists will pick up the Raspberry-PI kits, provided by Graves Technology Inc., the first week in October.  The completed projects will be judged by a team of seven judges (from SEAS Advisory Council and Alumni) at the SEAS R&D Showcase in February 2017. The winners will be awarded their prizes at the R&D Showcase Awards Ceremony. The first place prize will be $3000 with second and third prizes also.