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Dr. Suresh Subramaniam



Message from the Chair

Dear Friends:

We completed another outstanding year as a department despite the challenges posed by COVID-19. The George Washington University made the decision to switch to a fully online semester for the fall, and our ECE faculty spent a great deal of time over the summer planning for the switch and rising to its challenges, which included the virtualization of labs. I’m happy to note that our students have been largely happy with their online learning experience.

A highlight for the department has been our continued research growth. Nothing reflects our success better than the rapid increase of our research profile, with our research expenditures for FY 20 at $5.63 million, more than double our expenditures just five years ago.

Best wishes for a safe and cheerful holiday season!

Suresh Subramaniam
Professor and Department Chair
IEEE Fellow


Covid-19: Research and Response


Mona Zhaghloul

 Research: Diagnosing and Tracking COVID-19

Dr. Mona Zaghloul’s team has developed a nano device to diagnose COVID-19 instantly. Hoth Therapeutics, Inc. entered into a Sponsored Research Agreement with GW in September to develop the device


Meet Our Faculty 





Guru Venkataramani

          Dr. Guru Prasadh

Dr. Venkataramani conducts research in computer architecture with an emphasis on security and energy efficiency. Among many other awards, he has received a National Science Foundation CAREER award for his research.

Microwave lab image

     Microwave Applications

Dr. Roger Lang’s lab focuses on microwave sensing of environmental variables such as soil moisture, vegetation biomass, sea surface salinity and ice. In particular he has worked extensively with NASA in its aim to measure global open ocean salinities.

Mahdi Imani

           Dr. Mahdi Imani

Dr. Imani is an assistant professor whose research interests are focused on machine learning, Bayesian statistics and decision theory, with a wide range of applications from computational biology to cyber-physical systems. 


Research Areas  



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Research Facilities



Awards & Honors


Faculty Awards

                        Faculty Awards

The IEEE Computer Society recently awarded Dr. Ahmed Louri the Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award, and they produced this video to honor him “for pioneering contributions to the solution of on-chip and off-chip communication problems for parallel computing and manycore architectures.”

student awards

                       Student Awards

The GW ECE department is proud to recognize our bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students who have earned departmental or university awards and honors since May 2020. The awards include academic, research, and entrepreneurship honors.

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