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TEACHING AND LEARNING: Here in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, undergraduate and graduate students find the rigorous instruction, research opportunities, and mentoring they need to prepare for or advance their careers.

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The department offers Bachelor of Science degrees in computer engineering and electrical engineering. Students who want to continue their education may apply for our five-year combined Bachelor’s/Master’s programs. Students who want an introduction to electrical or computer engineering but don’t want to major in either subject may opt for a minor.

B.S. in Computer Engineering  B.S. in Electrical Engineering  Five-year combined B.S./M.S programs


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Students interested in graduate study will find several options to meet their needs. The department offers Master of Science programs in computer engineering, electrical engineering, or telecommunications engineering; Ph.D. programs in computer engineering and electrical engineering; and a graduate certificate in high-performance computing.

M.S. in Computer Engineering  M.S. in Electrical Engineering  M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering  Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering  Graduate Certificate