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Dr. Louri to receive the 2020 IEEE Computer Society’s Edward J. McCluskey Technical Achievement Award

March 03, 2020
The award is given for outstanding and innovative contributions to the fields of computer and information science and engineering or computer technology, usually within the past 10, and not more than 15, years.

Professor Ahmed Louri was awarded a $1.2 Million NSF Grant

March 03, 2020
National Science Foundation grant is for the project "Neural-Network-based Stochastic Computing Architectures with applications to Machine Learning". This award brings the total amount of federal funds for Prof. Louri for this research topic to $4 million over the past three years.

Professor Payman Dehghanian has received a $30K grant from Amazon Web Services

March 03, 2020
The project is titled “Phase 2: Simulations and Analyses of Synchronous vs. Induction Generators for Mission-Critical Stand-Alone Operations.”

Dr. Lan receives new patent

February 10, 2020
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent No. US 10,547,681 B2 to Dr. Tian Lan and his colleagues for “Functional Caching in Erasure Coded Storage.”

Dr. Roger Lang has received a $35,000 NASA grant

January 21, 2020
The goal of the project to explore the use of radar to measure the presence of ice under the Marian Regolith.

Dr. Gina Adam with collaborators from NIST and WD have received a one-year $450,000 ONR/DARPA grant

November 26, 2019
The goal of the project is develop memory-efficient hardware for neural network training acceleration.
Drs. Sorger and El-Ghazawi at optical table

Using Light for Data Processing and Computing

November 21, 2019
ECE faculty members explore using light to create innovative technologies for data communication, computing, and signal processing.
Professor Howie Huang

Hunting Cyber Threats in Enterprise Networks

November 20, 2019
Professor Howie Huang and his lab are researching novel methods to identify trails of malicious behaviors within computer networks to prevent next cyberattacks.
Dr. Miguel Lejeune

Dr. Miguel Lejeune received the 2019 Koopman Award from the INFORMS Society

November 06, 2019
The Koopman Prize is given by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), the largest professional society in the world for the field of operations research.
2019 R&D Showcase ECE winners

ECE winners of SEAS Student R&D Showcase

October 30, 2019
The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) congratulates the ECE student and faculty mentor winners of the 2019 SEAS Student R&D Showcase.

The future of data processing

September 30, 2019
Drs. Sorger and El-Ghazawi are jointly exploring photonic processing and developing an entirely novel set of concepts and systems capable of processing information at the speed of light.

Dr. Payman Dehghanian received the 2019 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award

September 23, 2019
The GW SmartGrid Lab’s proposed technology “Smart Measurement Units for Online Situational Awareness in Power Grids” has received a 2019 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award.

Raytheon provides additional research funding to Dr. Huang

September 18, 2019
Dr. Huang and his team are continuing their research into machine learning for signal processing in cognitive radios.

Dr. Louri receives NSF grant to develop neural network accelerators with vast speed improvement over existing accelerators

September 10, 2019
He and his collaborators will work to develop the accelerators for a range of machine learning applications used in finance, health, defense, and other sectors.

Dr. Ahmed Louri awarded the IEEE Outstanding Leadership Award

September 09, 2019
The award is for his leadership to the field and for serving as the General Chair of the 21st IEEE International Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications